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Colleen McKinley

Colleen McKinley, Director, Educational Partnerships and Programs
Contact: cmckinley@cerritos.edu

Colleen McKinley is currently the Director of Educational Partnerships and Programs at Cerritos College, where their Teacher Training Academy (Teacher TRAC) serves over 300 students annually who are pursuing a teaching career in pre-school, elementary, secondary and career technical education.

Why are you excited to build this pipeline?

We are thrilled to be part of the CPTP project, which will expand opportunities for our Teacher TRAC students and assist us in our efforts to diversify the teaching force in our local classrooms. This project will be critical in meeting this demand and addressing the needs of the students in our community. It will also strengthen our existing partnerships with our local TK-12 districts.

What is your personal "why" for this work?

Education is a fundamental right in this country, and the responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of teachers. Every child deserves a knowledgeable, caring and effective teacher that they can look to as a role model and that will inspire them to reach their goals and aspirations. I believe that community colleges play a vital role in preparing and guiding local students on their pathway to becoming teachers who will serve the communities that they came from.

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Sue Parsons

Sue Parsons, Cerritos College Teacher TRAC Consultant
Contact: parsons@cerritos.edu

Sue Parsons is the retired Director of Educational Partnerships and Programs at Cerritos College and founder of the Teacher TRAC Program.

Why are you excited to build this pipeline?
Community colleges have the capacity not only to help meet the growing need for quality teachers, but also to create a local, diverse, and experienced corps of new teachers who will ultimately teach in the communities in which they have lived and worked. I am excited about building new partnerships and strengthening existing relationships to build this pipeline.

What is your personal "why" for this work?
I am deeply committed to developing teacher preparation partnerships and programs that give needed opportunities to and prepare students for success in our community. I value and am humbled by the opportunity to be part of our students’ and local teachers’ lives as they are the ones that truly make a difference in our communities and improve our global society.

Kimberly Rosenfeld, Ph.D. Image

Kimberly Rosenfeld, Ph.D.

Dr. Kimberly Rosenfeld, Education Department Chair, Cerritos College

Dr. Kimberly Rosenfeld is the education department chair, a teacher TRAC leadership team member and teacher TRAC faculty development lead. Dr. Rosenfeld builds and maintains relationships with PreK-12 partners, and the recruitment of student and mentor teachers.

Why are you excited to build this pipeline?

Creating this future teacher pipeline is an opportunity to respond to a longtime community college student need, access to a credentialed education professional for sustained individualized mentorship over 2 years. This comprehensive academic and interpersonal support is a unique opportunity for students to more deeply explore teaching in a PreK-12 classroom and to consider sub specializations in special education and STEM. Providing a hands-on opportunity to learn about best practices for navigating the rewards and challenges of teaching is of particular importance for disproportionally impacted, first generation college students, as it will provide them with important cultural capital to navigate the waters to becoming a credentialed teacher.

What is your personal "why" for this work?

I believe in the power of mentorship to transform lives and communities. Creating a pipeline for students to contribute to their local communities as credentialed teachers is vital to strengthen the teaching profession, communities, and the future students who attend Cerritos College. In essence, it has the potential to create a full circle pipeline of teachers who grew up and attended schools in the very communities they serve. I feel honored to be part of such an important endeavor for the communities Cerritos Colleges serves, for our current and future TRAC alumni, and for the teaching profession.

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Dionne Gibson

Dionne Gibson, Program Director of The Child Development Department, Cerritos College

Dionne serves and supports community college students with a passion for working within Early Childhood Education. Her goal is to create an environment of inspiration and support by serving as a liaison between both The Early Childhood mentors and students.

Why are you excited to build this pipeline?

I am honored and enthusiastic to be part of this pipeline because of the importance of closing the teacher-diversity gap, giving children what they deserve; teachers that look like them and identify with their community.

What is your personal "why" for this work?

My personal “why" is the sense of pride I feel as I watch each student envision themselves as capable college students who will become inspiring educators making a difference in the lives of the children and the families for whom they serve.

Darneanna Fallins-Prior Image

Darneanna Fallins-Prior

Darneanna Fallins-Prior, CPTP Success Coach
Email: dfallinspryor@cerritos.edu

Why are you excited to build this pipeline?
I am excited to build this teacher pipeline because I have seen first-hand the importance of having teachers of color in the classroom. Representation is essential to motivating young minds to believe in themselves. To breaks negative stereotypes, diversity needs to become a natural occurrence in the spaces that children of color occupy to foster equity and equality with the learning environment.

What is your personal "why" for this work?

As a person of color, this pipeline is important to me because I want the younger generation to know they are worthy of a successful life. To accomplish this, we need a more diverse pool of educators that can acknowledge those students' struggles, cultural values, and feelings. Take those student experiences and turn them into lessons that will strengthen their confidence so they can set and reach goals they never thought possible.

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Angie Oliva

Admin Clerk, Cerritos College
Email: AngelicaOliva@cerritos.edu