Rio Hondo Community College

Rio Hondo College is committed to the success of its diverse students and communities by providing dynamic educational opportunities and resources that lead to degrees, certificates, transfer, career and technical pathways, basic skills proficiency, and lifelong learning.

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Rio Hondo Community College Staff

Lea Martinez Image

Lea Martinez

M. Lea Martinez, Int. Project Manager, Teacher Preparation & Pathways Program, Rio Hondo College

Why are you excited to build this pipeline?

I am excited about building a community-based teacher pipeline to increase, strengthen, and diversify the teacher workforce.

What is your personal "why" for this work?

I am personally excited to work with the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) and my colleagues from Cerritos College and El Camino College. We all share the same vision and are passionate about the importance of increasing the teacher pipeline and diversifying the education workforce. Moreover, I firmly believe in the vital role that community colleges play in preparing and diversifying the pipeline.

Alia Medrano

Alia Medrano, Success Coach, Rio Hondo College

Why are you excited to build this pipeline? Why do you feel it’s important?

I am excited about the pipeline and this mentoring program. As someone who went to a community college system, I know there can be bumps along the way to our career pathway. I participated in a similar mentorship program at Long Beach College; I can relate to the students who are a part of the CTPT program. This program is a way to encourage more students to go into teaching.

What is your personal “why” for this work? Why do you do the work that you do?

This work is personal for me because we need more people to go into teaching who are passionate and caring about their future students and want to make a difference in people's lives. I want students to get the inside scope of what it feels like to teach future generations. My job is to support students in the Teacher Prep program to succeed in the CPTP program, especially for the students who need extra guidance and support. I want the students to reach out to me for encouragement when their motivation is low and to connect with me to develop a trusting relationship.