CPTP and Enhanced Advisory Mentoring (EAM)

The main feature of the CPTP project is Enhanced Advisory Mentoring (EAM), a comprehensive mentoring model that allows us to focus on student outcomes by means of adaptively removing barriers and meeting needs and goals of students as equity-seeking prospective teachers. We believe that a fortified and elevated pathway will help ensure community college students interested in teaching to stay on track to become credentialed teachers in an equitable and timely manner.

The EAM program is a three-prong approach to building the CPTP community-based teacher pipeline through wrap-around services for our students.

  • Regular participation in EAM activities per semester for up to four semesters that lead to program and college completion
  • Monetary incentives
  • A data-informed, comprehensive, integrated, and long-lasting support system that promotes academic and career development, wellness, and success

The EAM multi-tiered system of support strengthens the teaching profession by providing CPTP students with a mentor, success coaches, stipends, and a Teacher Mentor Network (TMN). Each CPTP student is paired with a mentor teacher to engage in one-one-one mentoring within the EAM model for 30 hours per semester to gain knowledge and experience about teaching. A success coach, who is a teacher candidate having successfully transferred to a four-year program, stays connected with the CPTP students to help them navigate schooling, access on-and-off campus resources as needed, and provide guidance for transfer.

Each partnering college provides coursework, workforce development programming, stipends, individualized education plans, and on-campus resources. The TMN offers a space for community and long-term relationship building through a wide range of programming and format such as affinity groups, panel discussions, speakers, cafes, professional learning community, film screenings, dialogue and group process, etc.

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