Meet the CPTP Team

Yvonne Ribas Image

Yvonne Ribas

Project Director

I work for the day when every student is taught by at least one Black male teacher every day and when a diverse teaching staff is a given in every school. My work as an equity agent is grounded in the necessity of removing barriers and building systems for the purpose of bringing about improved outcomes for all students.

Suzanne Edwards-Acton Image

Suzanne Edwards-Acton

Director of Equity Initiatives

Education is often referred to as a great equalizer and yet often serves as a great divide. I have come to understand my call and charge within education to be a disruptor of the status quo and collaborator in liberatory re-design.

Ruth Ellis Image

Ruth Ellis

Director of Special Education Initiatives

I am a passionate student-centered educator and am honored to have the opportunity to work to continually find ways to remove barriers to the teacher pipeline by promoting equity and social justice

Yvonne Tran Image

Yvonne Tran

Program Manager