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4 End-of-the-Year Resources for Educators

Summer may be fast approaching, but it’s not time to close the book on the 2018 - 2019 school year just yet. Students aren’t the only people who’ve learned something in the classroom. The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on lessons educators themselves have learned over the past few months, and a time for teachers to gather and pinpoint successes and challenges to better prepare for the year ahead.

There are a multitude of tools that aid in this reflection process. As you think back on the past year, whether independently or with a team of fellow educators, make use of these resources to guide your thinking and kick start your planning for the school year ahead.

Our Journey Challenge

The school year is a learning journey for teachers as well as students. This tool helps educators step back and reflect on the year gone by. Create a visual representation of your school year to reflect on successes and challenges as you prepare for the new year. Together with your team, design a road map highlighting your individual successes and challenges while building a broader vision of what the past year looked like for your school as a whole.

View the tool.

Rapid Prototyping: Equitable Classroom Innovations

For further reflection, check out the Rapid Prototyping protocol for Equitable Classroom Innovations. This protocol helps educators pinpoint inequities or areas for growth within their practice. It’s a useful tool for carefully mapping out and acting on any change you need to make, whether it’s within the classroom or at a larger school or district-wide scale. The Rapid Prototyping protocol is key for developing a quick design plan that can set educators on a path for change.

View the tool.

1-Hour Design Thinking Minihack

This team activity allows a group of educators to generate ideas around a problem they would like to solve and work together to design a prototype for a solution. The fast pace of this protocol encourages participants to put any ideas they might have on paper, allowing for a free flow of ideas that will help your team overcome challenges they might be struggling with. Educators will then develop a plan to solve any problems.

View the tool.

Technical Problems & Adaptive Challenges Process & Tool

This tool will help school teams pinpoint challenges or issues before categorizing and prioritizing each of them. Once this protocol is completed, teams will have a clear strategy and timeline for tackling these challenges in an efficient and manageable way.

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