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A Practical Podcast Resource

Last year, I participated in my first MOOC – a massive open online course – designed by a team at the Stanford Center for Learning, Assessment, and Equity (SCALE). A MOOC is a model for delivering learning content online to any person who wants to take a course, with no limit on attendance. Much of that learning content is in the form of videos. In the SCALE MOOC, some of the videos were rich with visuals, while others where rich in ideas, but for me it was more of an auditory experience. This got me wondering about whether podcasts are being used in education as a creative platform for information sharing. I spent time exploring education podcasts and I downloaded a few to accompany me on my drive to a school. One of those was a gem—the Level Up Learning podcast from Hampton City Schools in Virginia.

Level Up Learning is a podcast “designed for teachers and aims to explain, dispel, or clear up misconceptions about Curriculum & Instruction, Climate & Culture, and Leadership in Educational Policy, Planning, and Reform."

Identifying Shared Thought in Level Up Learning

As I began listening to Kate Wolfe and Dave Hotler—the podcast hosts whom are a coordinator of professional learning and a technology integration teacher, respectively—discuss topics such as performance assessments and rubrics, I realized that we were like-minded souls, so-to-speak, in our appreciation for the benefits of performance assessments to support the learning process. Performance assessments provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in meaningful situations. Students are also learning in the process and produce rich evidence that can be used to inform instruction. Here are a few of my favorite podcast episodes.

These Level Up Learning podcasts complement the work we do at CCE by sharing information about how to get hands-on with performance assessments, rubrics and planning curriculum with desired student learning outcomes.

Why I Recommend this Podcast

Kate and Dave take on challenging and complex topic areas to discuss and their delivery model makes the topic accessible for listeners at all levels of background knowledge, making the podcast friendly to almost any user. In addition to the thoughtful, relevant content discussed, one of the other attractive features of the podcasts is the delivery. The podcasts are brief conversations between the two designed to share their ideas across the country in hopes of creating common language in the field. You’ll find it easy to use those precious moments you have travelling to or from work listening to their podcasts as I did..

CCE extends huge “Kudos!” to Kate and Dave of the Hampton City School District in Virginia for the great work they are doing to give life to complex issues in education in an easily comprehensible manner that transcends state borders.

For more information, visit the Level Up Learning podcast center.