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Demonstrations of Mastery at the Met High School

As an advisor in my 8th year at The Met High School, I thought I knew what an exhibition was all about. Then one of my innovative advisees named Yesenia came to me with a proposal for an alternative exhibition.

Yesenia, an 11th grader at The Met, is interested in law enforcement and wanted to explore crime scene investigation with more depth this school year. She wrote a paper on it, learned all about it at her Providence Police Explorers after school program, and spent her free time watching documentaries and videos about this very topic. She told me she wanted to use her exhibition as a space to show her panel what she learned, but to do so in a way that was “less talking and more doing.” She wanted to use her exhibition as an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) standards that we identified at the start of her project.


We identified her CTE standards as follows:

  • Explain the basic steps of crime scene investigation (e.g. protecting crime scenes, preserving physical evidence, collecting and submitting evidence)

  • Identify factors that determine if a crime has occurred

  • Explain procedures to collect and process DNA and micro-level evidence

  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement personnel at a crime scene

For her exhibition Yesenia created a crime scene and had her panel work through it while teaching them about the process, roles and results of CSI work. She even worked with two different students who were interested in cosmetology in order to get her “dead people” to look realistic.


Early on in the proposal phase Yesenia’s idea gained the attention of many students. Several of those students opted into presenting as extensions of Yesenia’s project. Students presented on special effects makeup, domestic violence, and how to correctly cut a fade hairstyle. After this round of exhibitions there was a noticeable buzz among students and I am pretty excited to see how this amazing project influences the next round of exhibitions.


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