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Rethink Assessment at QPA Summer Institute


In the midst of a cold and dreary New England spring, it might be hard to envision a sunnier, warmer version of Boston, a day in July when the Red Sox are in town and the city is alive. But that imagining is just what the Quality Performance Assessment (QPA) team has been doing as we plan for the 7th Annual QPA Summer Institute, which will take place from July 17 to July 20. The 2017 Summer Institute will provide the opportunity to learn and apply the Quality Performance Assessment (QPA) model, with a focus on educational equity and cultural responsiveness.

Teachers and administrators from across the country will gather for four days to re-imagine assessment and accountability, learn how to use performance assessments to drive deeper learning for all students, and develop materials and strategies they can implement in their schools and districts. The institute is designed to emphasize practice rather than theory and will provide differentiated instruction based on participants’ interests, needs, roles, and prior knowledge.

In honor of this summer’s upcoming institute, we’ve gathered together a number of resources that paint a picture of the institute experience.

What will be the focus of each day?

(Click image to enlarge)

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What is the feel of the institute?

  • Watch the below video to get a sense of the institute’s emphasis on practice and use of protocols and tools.

What takeaways can I expect?

Will the Red Sox be in town?

Yes! The Red Sox will be in town from July 14 to July 20, and Fenway Park is within walking distance of the institute.

How do I get further information and register?

Visit the QPA Summer Institute site for more information and to register. Please reach out to info@ccebos.org with questions.


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