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Voices of the Assessment for Learning Project

The Assessment for Learning Project has partnered with over a dozen educational projects from areas all over the country. The point of these partnerships is to help educators and students shift their vision of assessment to a place where performance assessments tell the story of a student's learning -- rather than simply determining if that student has learned "enough." Last Spring, ALP sent its spies throughout the land to talk about the students involved in these projects. The Voices of ALP project shows that students think as deeply and critically about these issues as we do. It shows that we have so much to learn from our kids! Truism, to be sure, but one that bears repeating. Below are five of the students we spoke to, and you can listen to all of the others here.

Assessment for Learning Project

Antwanette, The National Writing Project

6th-grader Antwanette shares her experiences with feedback cycles, and how it's transformed her writing.

Hear her story.

Xander, Virginia Beach

A student in Virginia Beach shows how he created a science model using his own research as part of a performance task.

Hear his story.

Kendal, Henry County, GA

Kendal shows how feedback can make room for student collaboration and success.

Hear his story.

Abigail, New Hampshire

Abigail feels that these projects instill real-world skills, especially when working with others.

Hear her story.

Maple Street Student, New Hampshire

A student at Maple Street Elementary explains what it means to learn differently.

Hear their story.


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More Than Memorization: Lessons in UFO Construction

June 14, 2018
Carisa shares a key moment in her high school career when she learned what it truly meant to be "smart" and how testing is failing our students.
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Finding Meaning with Mastery: Why Performance Assessment Systems Matter

August 29, 2018
Performance assessments - assessments that ask students to apply their learning in new, real world ways - are a critical measure of learning for mastery education. Within this system, performance assessments enable students to show what they know and are able to do in many different ways.
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The Marshmallow Launch: Performance Assessment in Action (Video)

November 16, 2016
What role do a spoon, rubber band, and marshmallow play in mathematics class? In this video these New Hampshire students use performance assessment to explore geometry and angles.